Triamour sheep whole milk powder
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Triamour Sheep Whole Milk Powder

Triamour Sheep Whole Milk Powder is a nutritious source of calcium and protein, and a great alternative for those who cannot tolerate or who choose not to drink cow’s milk. Sheep milk is naturally homogenised and has smaller fat particles, making it easy to digest. Rich in nutrients and with all the flavour of a dairy based milk, Triamour Sheep Whole Milk Powder is an excellent choice.



Product Description

Product Information

Weight :         450g per can
Quantity:       6 cans per box
Storage life:  2 years
Sheep were first introduced to New Zealand in 1773 by British navigator James Cook. Not until the 1840’s were the larger sheep farms established. Ever since this time, sheep farming has played an important role in New Zealand’s economy. Sheep now outnumber people living in New Zealand at a ratio of six to one. New Zealand sheep are free to range the green pastures. This ensures a balance enrichment of vitamins and nutrition from New Zealand’s green grass and other plants.
An ewe can only produce up to 260 litres of milk in 180 days, as compared to a cow that can produce 4000 litres in the same period. Triamour Sheep Milk powder is made from 100% scarce fresh sheep milk from the scenic South Island of New Zealand. It is a precious gift from Mother Nature, nutritious while tasting divine.

Ingredients and Nutrition Information

Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Sheep Whole Milk Powder
No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.
Nutrition Information
Servings per can: approx. 18
Serving size: 165mL (When made up as directed)


Add 4 tablespoons (25g) of Triamour Sheep Milk Powder to 150mL of water. Stir well. Enjoy!


Store in a cool dry place. Consume the product within 4 weeks after opening. Once reconstituted, store the prepared milk in a refrigerator (4°C), and consume within 2 days.


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